Friday, December 5, 2008

One for the Money - Janet Evanovich

Also reviewed by Mindy.

Summary: Stephanie Plum is a little lady with a big attitude. And now that she has lost her job as a lingerie buyer, she has big money problems. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Stephanie decides to take a bail-bond recovery job from her cousin Vinnie. If she can catch the bail jumper, the payoff will be huge. However this is a jumper she may not want to catch. Stephanie has known Joe Morelli since childhood. They even entered into a romance that resulted in Stephanie hitting him with her father's Buick. Now this cop is wanted for murder. To get her money Stephanie must catch Morelli within a week, without first getting herself killed.
My Review: I feel Mindy's food analogy fits well here. I liken this series to eating mashed potatoes...little, if any, nutritional value but still comfortingly full of calories. There are fourteen of these books in the series so far and I can eat through an entire one at a sitting. These mystery stories are full of humor and each contain touch of romance. The best way to describe these books is to just introduce you to the quirky characters.
  • Stephanie Plum: A Jersey girl from the burg, she's super bright and sassy, yet she has this knack for getting into hilarious pickles
  • Grandma Mazur: This spandex wearing granny keeps you on your toes with her bizarre behavior, yet she is so sweet that you just have to love her
  • Vinnie: Stephanie's sleazy cousin who gives her the job when she blackmails him with some of the secrets he has hidden in his closet
  • Mom: Super imposing and always worrying, she's a little annoying but she has Stephanie's best interests at heart
  • Dad: Quiet, yet hard-headed, his retirement has left him with too much time on his hands, leaving him slightly bitter but he does come up with some interesting ideas
  • Ranger: Fellow bounty-hunter who knows all the tricks of the trade, he's charming and witty but takes some time to warm up to
  • Joe Morelli: Super hunky bad boy from Stephanie's past turned cop turned murderer?
This is a fun, fast read that has you guessing who-done-it until the end. I would recommend these books to anyone looking for a light, no-thinking read (and a good laugh).
P.S. You don't necessarily need to read these in order, although I would suggest reading "One for the Money" first to get acquainted with the characters.

My Rating: 4 The first one isn't my favorite in the series but still a great read. I would rate all of these between 3.5 and 5 stars for this type of book.

Sum it up: A Laugh-out-loud romantic mystery


LaQuejadora said...

I had no idea that these books had humor and a little romance in them. I'm not usually a straight mystery girl, so I might actually give these a try.

Sweet Em said...

Hum...a friend dropped this by for me to read and I was NOT interested...but a 4 star rating. Maybe I'll reconsider.

Brittany said...

I really enjoy the Stephanie Plum series. I've read all of them. One for the Money, along with all of the others, contain laugh out loud moments. I read them all last summer in rapid succession. My fiance always knew when I was reading one because I would be sitting and laughing while I read. (He hated reading, thus not understanding my laughter.)


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