Sunday, February 22, 2009

Emily's Favorite Books

Top 6 Fiction (in order of preference) -
Blindness - by Jose Saramago
(highly thought-provoking,
not a light read and the movie is rated-R for a reason)

Life of Pi - by Yann Martel (RFS Review)
The Fountainhead - by Ayn Rand
(also not a light read and maybe I only love it because it is about architecture)

Wicked - by Gregory Maguire
(book and broadway show differ quite a bit with the book being sort of a downer - beware weird puppet sex scene...)
The Poisonwood Bible - by Barbara Kingsolver
Ahab's Wife - by Sena Jeter Naslund (RFS Review)

John Adams - by David McCullough (audio book highly recommended)
Eat, Pray, Love - by Elizabeth Gilbert
Moving Violations - by John Hockenberry
Nickel and Dimed - by Barbara Ehrenriech
Go Forward with Faith: Biography of Gordon B. Hinckley - by Sheri Dew

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