Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tell No One - Harlan Coben

also reviewed by Kim and Heather

David Beck has rebuilt his life since his wife's murder eight years ago, finishing medical school and establishing himself as a pediatrician, but he's never forgotten the woman he fell in love with in second grade. And when a mysterious e-mail arrives on the anniversary of their first kiss, with a message and an image that leads him to wonder whether Elizabeth might still be alive, Beck will stop at nothing to find the truth that's eluded him for so many years. A powerful billionaire is equally determined to make sure his role in her disappearance never comes to light, even if it means destroying an innocent man. Excerpt from Review

My Review:
This is the first mystery/thriller I've read in years and thankfully it was a good one, and so I enjoyed the uniqueness of reading this genre again. Over all I was pleased that the story had little in the way of "holes" or "manipulation" both of which I abhor, particularly when coming from prolific authors. Plus the bright orange cover was a great bonus.

This is the first book I've read by Coben, so I'm not familiar with his narrative style. In this book the first person view point risked becoming irritating because the main character, up until then a normal person with a normal-ish life kept voicing his incredulity that he was in various situations (i.e. "I couldn't believe I was running from the police") however the author toed the line and this style helped to bolster the character development and I ended up chuckling and enjoying it.

This book had some interesting social commentary on race and class issues such as the perception of each end of the spectrum, and the spectrum of treatment each was given. This added a level of education and interest to the book that gave it some meat.

My rating: 3.75 - I'll save my 4s for books that I'd describe as "compelling" as opposed to simply well written and entertaining.

To sum up in one sentence: An adventure you believe could happen...but not to you.

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