Saturday, April 18, 2009

The City of Falling Angels by John Berendt

Berendt chronicles the life and times of the city of Venice's movers and shakers like a naughty child sharing an overheard secret. Following up his similar study of Savannah in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Berendt has cobbled together a series of entertaining tales of the legendary canal city, ranging from the squabbles of Venetian fund-raisers to the fire in the Venice Opera House. Like a cocktail-party raconteur with a particularly juicy story to tell, Berendt twists his listeners' ears with his book's seamless string of Venice-themed misbehavior and decadence. Only occasionally overemoting, Berendt mostly maintains the proper tone of high-society gossip delivered succinctly. Berendt's intimate voice helps to tie together the disparate strands of his sometimes-sprawling book. (by Publisher's Weekly via

My Review:
This will be short - after all I didn't finish the book. In this case it was not because it was a really terrible topic or because it was poorly written or anything like that. I just wasn't that interested. As I read I realized I had only been slightly more interested a few years ago while reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I think that the author's style of describing the eccentric and elite of a city just does not appeal to me. His writing was fine and, if you did want to read about these people, the story would have been entertaining. I, personally, just didn't care.

The funny thing is that I really related to the characters (are real people still considered "characters"?) because they were so similar to the people I work with in my part time job. I work for a non-profit community group made up of a volunteer board of the "elite" of the historic town I live in. I was astounded to find that the rich and highly educated or artistic of Venice act just like their compatriots in S****. Maybe I didn't need to finish the book because I could just live it?

My Rating: 3 stars - Despite my not finishing this book, I do think others might enjoy it.

In One Sentence: The City of Venice has some of the most interesting, unique and pers.....zzzz.


MindySue said...

HAHAHAHA. Sorry. I laughed out loud when I read your "in one sentence". Sometimes, you just can't get into a book. I mean, Kim didn't get into Twilight the first time around. Sometimes it's just where you are at in life, you have better things to do or a more exciting book to read. Life is to short to read a book you just aren't interested in...

Sweet Em said...

I'm wondering if it is the pregnancy thing...this is the third book in 3 months I've "quit" out of absolutely not caring AT ALL. Of course, thats not going to stop me from reviewing the other two as well.


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