Friday, April 24, 2009

Long Live the Queen - Ellen Emerson White

Summary:Being the President’s daughter isn’t easy, but Meg’s getting used to it. She’s even starting to have a life again—okay, not a normal life, but things are beginning to fall into a routine. Then it happens—machine guns blast, a van screeches to a halt, and masked men grab Meg and take her away. Meg doesn’t understand what the terrorists want. She doesn’t understand how her security was breached. But she does understand one thing—they have no intention of letting her live—and she has no intention of dying.(Summary and photo provided by Barnes and

My Review: Last night I was up and down with a horrible stomach ache. This book was sitting on my shelf, one that my sister had had for years, and one that her and I had both read and enjoyed when we were young. I finished it in one sitting and, yes, I am dead tired this morning.

As a young girl I remember reading this story and loving the main character. I know now that I loved her because of her tenacity and quick thinking, in the face of a terrorist.

At one point in the book, after Meg has been kidnapped and in the hold of these men, she find herself thinking about her period. These men have hurt her, she is in pain and knows that more is sure to come. But, she think about how much worse everything would be if she started her cycle while they had her captive. I thought it was interesting that the author touched on that, I felt like it gave me an immediate connection to the character and to her emotions.

The book is a very heavy read, meaning that for most of it you are tied up in knots and intensely focused on this man who keeps coming into her "dungeon". He breaks her kneecap when she tries to get away, he bloodies her nose, and eventually breaks ribs. Even when, at one point, she finds herself alone in the woods, chained inside a cave, with no food or water, your heart will be beating out of your chest.

I found that reading this book again as an adult was interesting, and kind of funny. As a young girl I remember thinking how it was the "worst " book I had ever read. Not in terms of quality, but in terms of graphic imagery, and adult type content. I think I felt like I was getting away with something by reading it at such a young age.

As an adult I see that it is not really that bad. The author is smart in her descriptions, leaving it tasteful, yet incredibly intense. She weaves the relationship between captive and would be terrorist into some kind of Stockholm type undercurrent.

All that said, I feel like I could write a book of this quality, with the right subject matter. It is simple and surface level. Perfect for young adult readers, something to give them a taste of books and the level of excitement they can provide, without turning them off with difficult words, comparisons or overly detailed plots.

My Rating: 3 stars as an adult 4.5 as a young adult

If I could sum this book up in one phrase: Did he just break her kneecap?:)(Some things just stick out in your mind while reading...)

Something else I should mention: This morning while I was pulling my image of the book, I discovered that this book is actually part of a series. I did not know that years ago when I first read it, but it is worth mentioning. The Presidents Daughter series, if anyone is heading out to the book store:)

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This is a great blog. You ladies have your game on, with book reviews, etc. Sweetness.

This book sounds intense but good. I'll add it to my "books to read" list.
Btw, found you guys on Mormon Mommy blogs. As a Librarian and avid reader, I'm glad I did!


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