Sunday, September 20, 2009

Methods of Madness - Stephanie Black

Summary: It's been three years since the terrible night Emily Ramsey suffered a double tragedy-the death of her sister and the disappearance of her fiance. She deserves another chance at happiness, and gentle, adorable Zach Sullivan is the perfect man to mend her shattered heart. But from the moment Emily opens the hand-carved box holding a glittering diamond solitaire, she's seized by an unshakable fear; she's going to lose Zach. That's exactly what Monica, Zach's ex-girlfriend, is banking on. Bitter with envy, Monica will stop at nothing to sabotage Zach and Emily's romance. Troubling notes show up in Emily's mailbox, fanning the flames of suspicion. A bloody photograph sends her reeling. But when someone is brutally murdered, will Emily be able to escape suspicion and the possibility that she might be next? (image and summary from

My Review: This book drove me crazy, which is probably what it was supposed to do. I found myself getting very frustrated because everyone thought “poor Emily” was going crazy, that she was losing her mind and not remembering things that supposedly happened to her. I kept thinking “when is all this madness going to end?” As far as I was concerned there was a little too much “madness” and confusion. There were too many people involved in all this “madness”. At times it was hard to keep track of what everyone was doing and whose side they were on. By the end of the book the issue of too many people was resolved. There was a good climax and the final resolution was very plausible.

Rating: 2.5 stars I had to take this book in small bites.

Sum it up: A young lady tries to prove her sanity to herself and those around her.

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