Saturday, October 24, 2009

Red in the Flower Bed - Andrea Nepa

Summary: An illustrated children's story about interracial adoption--A seed is dropped from a red poppy flower and carried by the wind on a journey to a lovely patch of flowers that is just right. In Spring, when the flowers begin to bloom, they are many different colors and the beautiful red poppy flower fits perfectly in her colorful new family. (Summary by RFS - Image from Tribute Books)

Mindy's Review:
Many children will be attracted to Red in the Flower Bed 's beautifully simple, yet colorful illustrations. It shares a universal message about familial acceptance and love. In a broader sense, this book could be applied to fitting in everywhere with the message that we “bloom where we are planted.”

Her rating: 4 Stars (for a kid's book)

Sum it up: A great read for any adoptive families, interracial or not, with young readers. ____________________________________

Kari's Review: I thought this story was very sweet, had great pictures, but was a far stretch for connecting to Interracial Adoption. I would never have gotten that idea if it wasn't clearly said before reading the story. Even then, it seems like a bit of a stretch. It's cute though.

Her Rating: 3.5 Stars

Average Rating: 3.75 Stars

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Andrea Nepa said...

Thank you very much for reviewing my book.


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