Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FTC Schme-FTC (Our Book Reviewing Policy)

Hello RFS Readers,

I wanted to appraise you all of a teensy change we'll be making to the blog as of today. The FTC has ruled that we have to let you know if we are reviewing a book that was given to us by an author or publisher. You can read the legal mumbo jumbo here if you'd like...or the condensed version here.

Most of the books we read come from the library, but occasionally we do get contacted by someone who wants to send us a free book. BLISS! Right!?! Now, I'm not going to say "no" to a free book, but we do promise (see sidebar) that we will review all books honestly, regardless of whether they are given to us by Simon & Schuster, purchased at a local bookstore, or checked out at the library. We might be flattered by free books, but we can't be bought!

So from now on, you might occasionally see a little something in our review that says "this book was given to us for review" which essentially means it was sent to us by a publisher or author. We do not receive any other "compensation" for the review, other than the copy used to review the book. Rest assured we will continue to give a no-holds-barred review even if it was written by our own mothers (okay, probably not then...but at all other times).

Hope we can still be friends,

The RFS Reviewers

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