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Twilight Tours - George Beahm

Summary: Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series has become a genuine phenomenon in pop culture, approaching the popularity of the "Harry Potter" series. In 2008, 10,000 pilgrims descended on Forks, WA, the town of 3,100 people that is the setting for the books. After the fall 2008 release of the record-setting "Twilight" movie (which made more than $70 million in its opening weekend alone), many more fans are expected to arrive in Forks in 2009. "Twilight Tours" is a photographic guide to this mystical place. Included are 90 photos composed by noted photographer George Beahm, who also contributes the accompanying text. The pictures range from moody scenic shots of the rain forest and nearby tribal lands described in the four novels to photographs of the actual high school, police station, saltwater beach, and a certain vintage red pickup truck. (Image and summary from

My Review: I know. I know. I'm slightly embarrassed for even reviewing this on here. You're probably thinking I'm loony for reading this. Maybe I am. I am honestly interested in seeing the once-never-heard-of town of Forks, Washington at some point. Some of that curiosity stems from being from the Pacific Northwest, but admittedly it's also from reading the books. Aren't you at all curious to visit the rainiest city in the continental United States? (Technically it's Quillayute, WA. That's between Forks and La Push, in case you needed the reference point.) I'd also like to walk around such a small town, one with only one stop light and soak in the slower pace of life related in this book.

A majority of Twilight Tours is images, which is nice if you have no way of actually touring Forks, Washington. If you're interested in going to Forks and don't want to miss any of the points of interest simply because you aren't familiar with the town, this is a book to buy before your trip. But considering Forks really isn't very large, I think you could easily tour Forks thoroughly without a previewing a tour book. Of the written commentary, much of it recaps what is in the Twilight Saga, making sure you understand the significance of each site. I felt like it was a bit too much of a review and not necessary to a tour of forks unless you didn't read the books or read them so fast you wouldn't remember any of the sites. Still, the pictures are nice and it piqued my interest to visit a little more.

My Rating: 3.5 Stars. Nothing spectacular, but it was interesting.

Sum it up: A mix of Twilight-Saga summary and pictures comprising the town of Forks, Washington and the surrounding areas.

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