Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year, a New Reviewer

Dear RFS Readers,

To ring in 2010, here at Reading For Sanity, we thought it was high time we did something a little different. For nearly over a year you've been presented with a uniquely female perspective on books and while, for some of you, that should be quite enough, we thought that others might appreciate a new take on things.

We've invited Daniel Nighting, one of our frequent guest contributors, to review for us on a more permanent basis and couldn't be more delighted that he accepted. Daniel is a freelance editor, self-proclaimed amateur curmudgeon, and full-time father of two children who he claims are better-looking and more talented than he is. His life revolves around books--collecting them, producing them, critiquing them, copying them out by hand, interpreting them, burning them, and even occasionally reading them.

Daniel reads both fiction and nonfiction, but prefers the works that fall in the cracks between them--holy books and wild rantings, poetry and mythology, mystic visions, fantastic theories, and news articles. He'll read anything that crosses his path, but only buys the books that he suspects will scramble his mind and leave him unfit for mingling in society.

We hope that you will welcome him, and his perspective, with open arms and we are delighted at the new insight he will bring to our posts. Look for his favorite books list (posting tomorrow)! I'm sure he'll outread us all in no time....

- The Lovely Ladies at RFS


Gerbera Daisy Diaries said...


Rebecca Rose said...

Hey! I think I might know him! I'm sure he'd love to be reading enough to out-read you all.

Sweet Em said...


Lets hope he picks up the slack that I have been leaving around!

Sweet Em said...

Although I do have to tease about the sepia toned photo. Not only is he more eloquent and well read than most of us...he also got someone else to hold the camera!

Kari said...
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MindySue said...

Ladies, feel free to email me any photo of yourself that you would like. I could even make it sepia if reeeaaaally want me too.


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