Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shudder - Jennie Hansen

Summary: Darcy and Clare grew up as best friends, sharing trials and triumphs from preschool through college graduation. Now they’re sharing an apartment in Boise, Idaho, where Clare just landed a great job and Darcy is pursuing a teaching certificate. There’s only one problem: Blaine, Clare’s boyfriend. His chauvinistic, know-it-all ways set Darcy’s teeth on edge. Darcy vows not to let Blaine ruin her lifelong friendship with Clare, but when Blaine insists on moving in, Darcy suddenly finds herself alone.

The estranged friends forge ahead on seemingly separate paths. Engaged to Blaine, Clare becomes trapped in ugly family politics and vicious treatment from her fiance. Darcy finds a temporary home with Darlene, an accident victim seeking live-in help, but a twisted plot soon threatens their safety. Clare’s wedding briefly reunites her with Darcy, yet the friends have never been farther apart. And when Clare finds herself in mortal peril and finally calls upon Darcy to help, it might be too late.

My review: Jennie Hansen has been a favorite author of mine for many years. She writes a great suspense novel with just enough romance in it to satisfy the romantic is all of us (women). I was a little hesitant to read Shudder at first because the summary on the back of the book sounded a bit confusing—too many different story lines that could possibly get all tangled up. After many positive reports from different people I finally decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed.

The central theme to the book, domestic violence/spousal abuse, was handled in a very sensitive way while still allowing us, the reader, to feel a little of the horror involved, and Clare’s feelings as she lived through it. We were also able to feel the helplessness Darcy felt when she couldn’t provide the help Clare needed physically or emotionally. The additional story lines, though secondary, kept everything moving along at a very exciting pace. It also allowed us to experience a “happy ending” in spite of all the sadness.

My rating: 4.25 stars

Sum it up: The realities of life aren’t always happy. That’s why we have fiction. A very good read.


MindySue said...

Can I just say how much I LOVE that cover. I would definitely pick this book up and read the back, just because of it.

StephTheBookworm said...

Wow, this sounds really great!

Anonymous said...

I didn't really like this book the ending left me with to many questons!


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