Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fablehaven : Grip of the Shadow Plague - Brandon Mull

Summary: Very strange things are afoot at Fablehaven. Someone or something has released a plague that transforms beings of light into creatures of darkness. Seth discovers the problem early, but as the infectious disease spreads, it becomes clear that the preserve cannot hold out for long. In dire need of help, the Sorensons question where to turn. The Sphinx has always given sound advice--but is he a traitor? Inside the Quiet Box, Vanessa might have information that could lead to a cure--but can she be trusted?

Meanwhile, Kendra and members of the Knights of the Dawn must journey to a distant preserve and retrieve another hidden artifact. Will the Society of the Evening Star recover it first? Will the plague eclipse all light at Fablehaven? (Summary from back of the book and image from Amazon.com)

My Review: I'm thoroughly enjoying the Fablehaven series. This is #3, so if you're interested in reading them, I recommend starting back at the first (review here) before reading further.

I'm a bit surprised how much I'm enjoying the Fablehaven series because I've never been much of a fantasy reader. Kendra and Seth grow up a bit in this part of the saga. Fablehaven comes closer to the brink of collapse in this book than the previous two, which equates to lots more suspense and drama. You also get to meet a famous character spoken of in the first two books that is most intriguing.

Seth shows some potential in this book. His impulsiveness in the past almost makes his character obnoxious. But, like I said, he grows up a bit in this book and you get a glimpse into what his character may be capable of achieving. Kendra also grows up but more in the typical teenage girl way. I like that Mull stretches the characters, giving them more depth. I look forward to how he plays with the maturation process in the fourth book.

I hate giving away too much of books in a series because it takes all the fun out of reading them. You should give the Fablehaven books a chance if you haven't done so already. They're definitely worth the read. There is betrayal, magic, true love, foreshadowing of the next book and more.

Rating: 4.25 stars

Sum it up: Another intense journey with Seth and Kendra protecting magical creatures.

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