Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You Can't AFFORD to Break Up - Stacey Nelkin & Paul Schienberg, Ph.D.

This review was co-written by my wife, Becca Nighting, a secretary and freelance advisor. Nobody should have to suffer through this book alone.

The tough economic times can affect even the most stable relationships. Breaking up isn't the only answer; it can be rough both emotionally and financially. But by taking stock of your relationship with your partner and a little work, you can stay together and be happy. In this self-help book, actress Stacey Nelkin and therapist Paul Schienberg collaborate to offer ideas to help you jump-start your love life.

Filled with relevant real-life illustrations and stories, You Can't AFFORD to Break Up offers insightful and thought-provoking tips for saving relationships. ... Geared toward couples in all stages of a relationship, You Can't AFFORD to Break Up encourages you to be proactive and use your imagination to be sexy and have fun. You can't afford to break up; save your relationship and save money. All you need is an empty wallet and a dirty mind. (Summary from book - image from We received this book for review.)

Our Review: Now that the sweet romantic glow of Valentine's is past, you may be facing the harsh realities of a relationship plagued by financial trouble. Perhaps you might find You Can't AFFORD to Break Up in a bookstore, and wonder, "Could this book help me salvage my relationship?" To help you answer this question, we have put together a brief questionnaire in the spirit of the book itself. Pencils ready?
  1. Do you believe that Cosmo-style questionnaires can reveal deep insights into "Almost Everything That Matters"?

  2. Do you believe that a night of great sex can solve any and all relationship problems, from crushes on the barista to unemployment-related depression?

  3. Do you believe that actresses know how to save your marriage because "no one knows about love and sex better than the folks in Hollywood"?

  4. Does drinking beer "take you back to the good ol' lustful days of high school"?

  5. Does your short attention span keep you from noticing inconsistencies, contradictions, and poor logic?

  6. Does your idea of an empty wallet involve cash for sex toys, hotel rooms, dance classes, "soft, sensuous, sexy sheets," and new outfits every few months?

  7. Do you find that mocking your partner's sexual abilities tends to get them in the mood for love?
We won't patronize you by offering to interpret your answers--you've probably got the picture. This book impressed us with its ability to turn deep, complex issues into folksy soundbites. Our favorite parts were the case studies, which seemed like they were taken from rejected soap opera scripts. They would probably be more useful than the fluffily incoherent advice in helping a stressed relationship, because they at least are good for a laugh.

Our Rating: 1 star. Caution: This book is likely to be offensive to anyone who dislikes the word "fondle," who doesn't think of themselves as having a dirty mind, or whose relationship has more depth than a TV sitcom marriage.

Sum it up: Cliched, haphazard pop-psychology relationship advice desperately trying to gain relevance by capitalizing on the current recession.


Sweet Em said...

Thank you for suffering for this for the rest of us. I hesitate to judge a book by its cover but the sentence "all you need is an empty wallet and a dirty mind" pretty much told me all I need to know.

MindySue said...

Don't hold back D&B, tell us what you really thought ;)

It did seem odd to me that the chosen "relationship advice" experts were an ACTRESS and a PhD. Because, ya know, Hollywood has so many successful, financially plagued marriages.

Love the questionaire.

emily said...

between your wife's blog posts and your book reviews, your family has had me giggling all night long
i'm going to have to read it simply so i can find whatever sections you were referring to... and laugh with you all over again
but i promise i won't waste my time
the leprechaun and i have our programs to watch


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