Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'll Know You by Heart - Kimberly Job

Reviewed by Chris

Summary: The day Stephanie Roberts met Jared Wakefield, she didn’t realize they had met before. Running from an abusive marriage and trying to safeguard her children, Stephanie turns to Jared for support—but he needs more from her than she might be capable of giving. With her abusive husband looming in her past, the difficulties they must overcome seem insurmountable.

Is it possible for love to conquer all? I’ll Know You By Heart is a timeless romance that explores the possibility that relationships span the entire realm of eternity—a story about abuse, hardship, and betrayal—ultimately a story about the healing power of everlasting true love. (Image and Summary from Valor Publishing)

My Review: I’ll Know You By Heart was given to me by Valor Publishing to review and found it very compelling. The topic, spousal abuse, is a sensitive subject that some might find difficult to read. I only say that because if I were living in an abusive relationship I wouldn’t want to read about someone else’s abuse. There were some places in the book where the descriptions of the abuse were very graphic—definitely not for young children or the sensitive reader. That being said, I will say, I found this book hard to put down. There was Saturday’s Warrior type feeling to it that made me want to keep reading. The two main characters had both been in different types of abusive relationships, both were suffering in their own private way, yet they were brought together in an unexpected way to help each other heal and learn to love again.

Children also suffer when one spouse is abusive to the other. Kimberly Job was very good at helping us, as readers, see and feel what they, the children, felt—loving both parents and not knowing what to do with the whole situation, feeling betrayed when someone you love beats up another person you also love, being without a father/mother when you need them the most and feeling betrayed by that same parent.

My heart felt like breaking for Stephanie many times throughout the book as she dealt with one blow after the other both physically and emotionally; yet she still kept going, working to keep her children safe and provided for. I would love to say I “enjoyed” this book, but to me enjoyment is equated with happy feelings. Instead I will say I’ll Know You By Heart was a very good book, one I would highly recommend. It gave me a glimpse at something I have never experienced before and made me very grateful for a very loving spouse.

My rating: 4 stars

Sum it up: A stirring book of heartbreak, devastation and renewal.

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Kimberly Job said...

Thank you so much for your review. I think you are the first reviewer that has mentioned how the experiences throughout the book affected the children. It is never easy when children feel like they have to choose between their parents, or watch one of them hurting the other. It was very important to me to accurately portray their feelings.

I appreciate your recommendation, and look forward to reading more of your reviews.


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