Monday, April 12, 2010

Tennyson - Lesley M. M. Blume

Summary: It's 1932, the depression. Things are evening out among people everywhere...

On the banks of the Mississippi, Tennyson Fontaine and her sister, Hattie, play endless games of hide-and-seek and make up fantastical stories about the latest adventures of their wild dog, Jos. But when their mother doesn't come home one day and their father sets off to search for her, the sisters find themselves whisked away to Aigredoux, once one of the grandest houses in Louisiana, now a vine-covered ruin.

Their caretaker, Aunt Henrietta, becomes convinced that she can use the girls to save the family's failing fortunes. But then Tennyson discovers the truth about Aigredoux, the secrets that have remained locked deep within its decaying walls.

Caught in a strange web of time and history, Tennyson comes up with a plan to bring Aigredoux's past to light. Will it bring her mother home and her family back together?
Lesley M. M. Blume weaves a heartbreakingly evocative story, steeped in Southern lore, about one girl's struggle to come to terms with her family's dark past.

My Review: Tennyson is an eleven-year-old girl growing up during the Depression era. She spends much of her day barefoot in the wood playing with her younger sister, Hattie. Tennyson's father does most of the child rearing. Her mother, who does not have a knack for motherhood, is a rather eccentric writer whom Tennyson adores. When her mothers neglects to return home one night, Tennyson's world drastically shifts. Her father goes in search of her and the girls are sent to live with their prim and proper aunt whom they have never met.

This story is rich in detail, especially so for a children's book. The characters seem to leap from the pages while the setting simultaneously pulls the reader in. There is an unmistakable Southern Gothic feel to this book which I adore. Alternating between reality and dreams, Tennyson weaves the tale of her ancestors past in with her own present.

Tennyson is a brilliant protagonist. She has this quiet strength to her character that demands respect. Yet it's not quite strong enough to entirely hide her pain. This is a story that will haunt it's reader long after the covers are closed. This short tale takes only a day to read but will remain with you a long time.

My Rating: 5 Stars

To Sum it up: An extraordinary mix of adventure and passion sure to please young and old alike.


Tribute Books said...

this book sounds interesting, thanks!

Unknown said...

Ilove this book. I have finished it. However, I'd like to read it more and more...


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