Wednesday, May 12, 2010

25 Books That Will Make You Angry

What, you thought I was going to list them? Nope. I'm far too busy for that. I'm also on a strict post-partum regimen of happy endings right now. A list like this might turning me into a sobbing, hysterically psychotic mess. However, when I got this email from Abebooks I knew I had to pass it on to all of you. Just because I am in a literary bubble right now, doesn't mean you have to be.

"Some books make us angry by design - they have themes of injustice, evil characters doing unconscionable things, or address topics sure to elicit rage. Other books don’t intend to make the reader angry, but do so by accident with poor writing, disappointing endings, plot holes or other failings, or by simply presenting a point of view drastically at odds with their audience. Regardless, a book that makes our blood boil enough to throw it across the room is sure to have us talking about it." (Excerpt from Abebooks email)

Here are Abebook's 25 Books that will leave you fuming...

Are there any books you think are missing from the list?
Do you disagree?


PeachyTO said...

This was an interesting list, that I surely do agree with in some instances. I've also added a few to my TBR list, cause I'll admit it, I sometimes like it when a book makes me angry. It is usually a sign of a great author.

Thanks for posting this.

Marylee Daniel Mitcham said...

I agree; it was an interesting idea to make a list, and an interesting list. Marylee Daniel Mitcham.

BTW, what do the various boxes and underlined things mean. 1. sign out
2. subscribe by email
3. preview
Here I go subscribing by email assuming I'll be notified of your posts on email? But the others I don't understand.

How post-partum are you? I have 3 daughters my self, and a son.

Gerbera Daisy Diaries said...

What an intersting list! To Kill a Mockingbird? Really? Huh. Twilight, definitely!

Kari said...

Grapes of Wrath and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius would be on my list for sure. I'm sure if I think about it longer I'd have more to add.


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