Saturday, May 22, 2010

We Interrupt this Blog for My Complete and Total Mental Breakdown

So, yesterday I was going through my inbox, deleting things left and right and feeling a bit like a mass murderer when I came across a disturbing email from one Miss Jeanette Green. Miss Green sent me this email in November and it somehow got buried in my inbox (I get so much fanmail, you know.*) only to resurface last night and tear apart my world.

I have the ability to quick view emails without opening them (helpful when on a emailicidal rampage) and what I saw there made me stop in my tracks. My finger hovered over the delete button. I can barely type her words, so I shall copy and paste:

hey there, not to rain on your blog i'm sending this to you at this address--it's "strait" jacket (usually "straitjacket,") not "straight." common mistake. wouldn't have mentioned it but this is a blog about reading, and it didn't seem to be a joke, so thought you might actually appreciate knowing. if it's a joke, and i didn't get it, sorry for being dense.


I flew to Google and clicked through to Wikipedia.
Sure enough, my spelling of straight jacket in our blog header** had been deemed erroneous.


That header, and more specifically, that phrase has been on the blog since it's inception. Not only that, but it is on pretty much every blog directory from here to eternity.


I am mortification personified.
I am this big.

You know how sometimes you're out to dinner with friends, or on a date, or giving a public speech and having a jolly old time and then it all comes to an end when, after said dinner, date, or speech, you look in the mirror only to find a giant piece of broccoli in your teeth?

"Wait. What? Huh? How long has THAT been there? HOW MANY PEOPLE SAW ME WITH FOOD IN MY TEETH?!!?"

So, my question is this:

How many of you knew and didn't tell me!?!?!?

Don't be afraid to come forward. I'm not going to hurt you, per se...

On an entirely different topic:

I'm busy.
Kari's busy.
Dan's busy.
Emily's busy.
Heather's busy.
Kim's busy.
Chris's busy.
("Busy" is a funny word if you really look at it)

We need a mini-break.

Don't cry, we'll be back to posting by Tuesday, JUNE 1st.
Until then, have a great Memorial Day!

And for heavens sake, if you see someone with broccoli in their teeth - TELL THEM!

*In case it wasn't clear. I'm being sarcastic.
**It's no use looking up there. I already fixed it.


Paula said...

I never even noticed the spelling of straitjacket or however it's spelled. At least it was an somewhat easy remedy. Unlike the broccoli harder to comeback from.

Gerbera Daisy Diaries said...

I thought I posted a comment earlier...
Nonetheless, I never knew the difference, however, if it had been stationery v. stationary, I would have sent the grammar police to your house!

Sweet Em said...

I just took a look at a new business website a friend of mine just launched. I saw an obvious grammatical error...and I told him. Just for you.

Amy said...

If it makes you feel any better I never noticed it!

Unknown said...

Yup, that had to be humiliating. But no...never noticed.


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