Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Totaled Woman : True Slices of Life from a Mother of Five - Marcia Veldhuis

Summary: Everyone knows that life happens--the secret is finding God at work through it all!

Comprising individual true stories, The Totaled Woman shares the challenges and joys from a mother's perspective in a home with five precocious children and a brilliant (if impractical) scientist husband. Marcia Veldhuis looks beyond the crisis of the moment and finds the lessons that God would have. Enter into the joy, sorrow, hilarity, and difficulty of each unbelievable situation. (Image and summary from BringItOn Communications)

My Review: Hallelujah! Picking up The Totaled Woman was a breath of fresh air in a room full of stinky review copies. I've picked some losers lately, to be sure, but this one wasn't one of them. All I can say is, thank heavens for mothers like Marcia Veldhuis! She made me laugh when I desperately needed to. I took great pleasure in reading each “slice” of her demanding yet wonderful, chaotic yet joyous, tiring yet faith-filled life. Her short stories, rarely more than a page in length, were frequently amusing, only occasionally heartbreaking, and always relatable. I fell more in love with this woman, her life, and her family with each turn of the page.

Whether Marcia is dealing with grumpy neighbors, bizarre late-night visitors, an absent-minded husband, or some seriously troublesome animals her short stories manage to be uplifting without being “preachy” and were often, but not always, accompanied by a sentence or two at the end that, ever so gently, gave a deeper spiritual meaning to her experience. These little moments taught more, in my opinion, than a library full of doctrine as she taught by her humble example how to pull divine meaning from the smallest moments and see God’s hand in our lives and in our families.

I am certain that I have many such experiences in my future while I attempt to raise my young family and can only hope and pray for the same perspective that Marcia embraces throughout this book.

My Rating: 4.25 Stars

Sum it up: A simple, unaffected and delightful slice of (her) family life.

*Note to Marcia* There is no way (barring meth addiction) that, at thirty, you looked old enough to be your children’s grandmother. Rest assured, that lady was just plain out of her mind. Oh, and the owl story was real HOOT! (Sorry, I absolutely could not resist).

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Anne Bennion said...

I'm intrigued by this one. It's on my list. Can't wait to hear about another woman's insanity! I only have 4 kiddos but some days it feels like there are 1,000 little monsters running rampant in my house.


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