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Adam - Ted Dekker

This review comes to us from Larissa over at Pearls and Pumps where you will find adorable photographs and the most gorgeous jewelry.  She is a stay at home mom of a busy 20 month old and an even busier 8 month old chocolate lab and enjoys photography and reading whenever she has the chance--which, she says, isn't near often enough! She loves going out to dinner and to the movies with her husband and would do that every night, if she had an unlimited budget.  (Me too, Larissa!)  We're so excited she decided to guest post for us!

Summary:  Sixteen young women are dead, each injected with a mysterious illness on the night of a new moon and left in various underground basements or caverns. The murderer leaves no clues, except for one scrawled-in-red trademark, "Eve."

Special Agent Daniel Clark has devoted his life to tracking and finding serial killers and Eve is proving an especially difficult case. Difficult, that is, until Clark and his colleagues find Eve's latest victim still alive. In a race to save the girl's life and potentially discover the killer's identity, Daniel finds himself in danger. A run-in with Eve leaves Daniel clinically dead for twenty minutes, only to survive but remembers nothing of the incident.

As Daniel attempts to recall the details before his attack, the killer strikes again, this time much closer home to all he holds dear. Daniel takes his obsession to a dangerous new level. Soon enough he finds himself in a world where blurred lines between life and death leave him fighting for his very life.  (Summary from back cover - Image from

My Review: I really love the Ted Dekker books I've read, so I had high hopes for this book. And like all the other Dekker books, I was sucked in immediately. Daniel Clark is a seasoned FBI agent on the case of a serial killer called, "Eve." Eve has killed sixteen women by exposing them to a deadly disease each new moon. Daniel is obsessed with the case with has caused a divorce between himself and his wife. As Clark and his new partner get closer and learn more about Eve, things aren't what they seem.

I was extremely happy with the beginning of this book. And it wasn't until I was about 2/3 of the way through that I started doubting how much I was going to enjoy the ending. Things started getting just a little too weird for me.

One thing I really appreciate about Dekker's books, is that because he is a Christian author, there isn't any language, sex or much descriptive gore. That wasn't completely the case with this book. There was a brief moment of what I would call "strong language" and there was a lot of crude name calling. There wasn't any sex and the gore wasn't terrible, but the book was dark and there were times that I was pretty scared (Hey! It was the middle of the night, okay?! Or 9 o'clock at least!).

Bottom-line: I wouldn't suggest this to a sensitive reader, but for the most part it was a pretty good read.

My Rating: 3.75 Stars (I took a point off for the strange ending, and I just couldn't give it a 4 because of the language from a Christian author!)

Sum it up: An intriguing and thrilling book with a strange ending. I don't think I'll read this twice, but I did enjoy it (mostly) while it lasted.


StephTheBookworm said...

This sounds pretty good! Have you read his book Skin? It's pretty bizarre, but intriguing.

bryce said...

this book was really good, i would give it 4.5 stars.

Anonymous said...

Just finished it. Took 2 days, could not put in down. I would give it a 4.5- 4.75. I personallty thought it was awesome. I did not see any issues with the language used. I think he substitued mild words for others that could have been much worse. Nothing I would consider to be profanity. Definitely a must read!


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