Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cooking from the Garden: Best Recipes from Kitchen Gardener - Ruth Lively

Summary: Rising food prices, the slow food movement, and the green movement have revived interest in finding delicious food close to home. The backyard vegetable garden is making a comeback even in urban areas. Why grow grass (that you have to mow) when you can pick the best tasting tomatoes right outside your door? Taunton's Kitchen Gardener magazine was ahead of its time in trying to raise the bar on food prepared with home-grown food.

The recipes collected here are innovative and tasty, and most are relatively simple to prepare. Not only do they help home gardeners find ways to make use of abundance, they show how to do it with style and expertise. The recipes apply equally to good seasonal buys in the supermarket or farmer's market as to produce from a home garden.
Summary from book, cover photo from Taunton Store, Digital Galley received free for review

My Review: I received a free digital galley of Cooking from the Garden last month for review and it couldn't have come at a better time. As my own garden began to ripen I was anxious for new ideas to put my produce abundance to use. This cookbook did not fail, with everything from sauces to appetizers, main dishes to desserts and even a section on canning. Soon I had depleted my own harvest and headed to farmer's market in search of additional cheap produce.

Many of main dishes weren't to the taste of my children, (it's difficult to convince them to eat risotto with leeks and peas or cornbread sandwiches with goat cheese and roasted tomatoes). The side dishes, however, were spot on. These easy recipes will leave you looking like a pro regardless of your cooking level. I adored the simple canning recipes that will allow us to enjoy our reaping throughout the year. I also liked the idea of the seasonal menus, though I am rarely ambitious enough to serve more than one course. The tips dispersed throughout on everything from drying herbs to preserving lemons were helpful as well.

My Rating: 4 Stars

To Sum it up: A good resource full of new ideas for seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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MsCFaith said...

I like the book cover, though. It's looks classic and makes me reminisce my childhood years. Books that time have covers like this.


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