Monday, November 1, 2010

Misconception - Avner Hershlag

Summary: When Dr. Anya Krim, the First Lady's fertility specialist, delivers a grossly deformed baby of undetermined sex, she tries to figure out how the child was conceived. But, before she is able to determine the baby's origin, she diagnoses a pregnancy in Megan, a Senator's daughter, who has been in a coma for two years. The question of who has impregnated Megan leads to a shocking suspicion based upon the FBI's DNA fingerprinting results. At the same time, the First Lady's last-ditch attempt to have a child runs amok when the safety of her embryos is threatened. Anya not only has to secure the embryos she created. She must now prove that no one has altered them genetically. (summary from book cover, book given free for review)

My Review: I, like the author of this book, am a fertility expert...give or take the medical degree, or any medical schooling whatsoever. Nevertheless, as the mother of two children conceived via IVF, I was the obvious choice for reviewing this book. And yes, I did neglect those sweet little tow-heads whilst I frantically read to find out the ending of the story. Sadly, it wasn't worth it. The concept behind the book is compelling, but the writing is mediocre, the plot a bit too action packed to be believable, and the details behind the fertility and cloning verging on salacious. So, as you can see in my rating I subtracted one star for each of those flaws.

Why was the writing mediocre? I've passed the book on (used book swap) so I can't quote it exactly but the author actually used the phrase "he had no problem raising a flag for her" in reference to the love interest being attracted to the main character. Seriously. Gag me. There were other cliche phrases, poor descriptions, and generally unpolished prose.

My Rating: 2 stars

Sum it up: This page turner could have used a few more revisions.

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