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The Busy Book Series - Trish Kuffner

Summary:  365 fun and creative activities to stimulate your toddler, preschooler, or older child every day of the year.  (Summary from books - Images from

My Review:  It’s time to come clean. You know those moms who manage to run a successful home-based business, craft with their kids, bake bread, and scrapbook stunning works of photographic art? Well, I am not one of those Super Moms. I try to be a good parent, but there are some days that I just stare at my kids and, with all the love in my heart, think “What on earth am I going to do with you?” . I try to think of ways to entertain them and I come up empty.

Do you have days like that? Days when, if you hear the words “I’m bored” one more time, you swear you’ll lock yourself in the bathroom? If so, I suggest looking through the Busy Book Series by Trish Kuffner. I found a used set on my last visit to the bookstore and it was a lights-shining-down-from-heaven kind of moment. I snatched them off the shelf in a millisecond, but it wasn’t until I started flipping through the pages that I realized what a treasure I had found.

I wish I had read The Toddler’s Busy Book when my two oldest were little. Designed specifically for 1 ½ to 3-year-olds, this book is packed with 365 simple ideas for educational toddler play, crafts, music, and snacks, along with parenting tips and organizational ideas. Your child will love snow painting in the winter, flying a balloon kite in the spring, or any one of their 84 ideas for rainy day play!

The Preschooler’s Busy Book is the perfect way to give your 3 to 6-year-old the sensory, imaginary, and educational experience their little brains crave. Whether they are playing with Super Goop, setting up their own grocery store, or making a Pom-Pom spider, you can be sure they’ll be having tons of fun. This book even includes activities that help promote basic reading readiness, math, geography, and botany in inventive and entertaining ways.

My girls were most excited about The Children’s Busy Book, written primarily for children ages 6 to 10. My 7-year old immediately began marking pages to try. At bedtime, I had to pry it from her grasp when I found the book hiding under her pillow. She loves the cooking section, with its child-friendly recipes, and has plans to make The World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies, play Penny Toss, and build sculptures with toothpicks and mini-marshmallows.

While you will see a few activities that are suitable for all ages repeated throughout the three books, each book offers unique ideas that will inspire the minds of those left in your care. My favorite part of these books is that most of the activities are simple to set up and require only a few, easy to find items that are usually already hanging around my home. Above all, I love that don’t have to wrack my brain to come up with ideas that are creative, constructive, and entertaining.

I’m a realistic woman. I will never be the super mom-next-door. However, with a Busy Book or two at my disposal, hopefully my kids will have too much fun to notice.

My Rating:  5 Stars

Sum it up:  These books might keep your kids busy long enough for you to actually...wait for it...get things DONE.  It's a literary MIRACLE!!


Sweet Em said...

I have the toddler busy book (and I think that a lot of the ideas can be used for preschoolers to, and vice versa). Of course I just need to remember to use it. Although we did paint snow the other day and it has been a big hit!

the Petterson Family said...

I may have to check the toddler book out from my library next time! Thanks Mindy! P.S. I don't think you are overstepping it's nice to have resources to choose from! I choose most of my books from this blog's suggestions. :)

Unknown said...



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