Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cooking with Food Storage Made Easy - Debbie G. Harman

Summary:  We have been counseled by prophets to keep a long-term supply of food on hand.  But once we have accumulated some food storage, what do we do with it?  Food storage is not just for emergencies; it's meant to help us sustain life today.

In this fun cookbook, Debbie Harman shows you how you can cook delicious meals and tasty treats your family will love with the food supplies that have too often been put away only for a rainy day.  You'll soon discover how to use storage items and other everyday ingredients to make tasty dishes a few times each week, which will keep your food storage in constant rotation--and save you money.  So, should disaster strike, you'll have plenty of usable food on hand--and you'll be an expert on knowing what to do with it.

Along with hundreds of fast and delicious family-tested recipes, you'll find:
  • What you need to store
  • How to use dry foods to add nutrition to everyday dishes
  • How to store meats, beans, vegetables, fruits, grains, water, and more
  • How to sprout your own fresh greens
  • How to put together 72-Hour Emergency Kits for you and your family
Let Cooking with Food Storage Made Easy be your guide for making your food storage a valuable asset your family will enjoy.  (Image from and summary from back of the book.)

My Review:  I have been looking for a cook book like this!  Food storage is something we do (something LDS people do anyway) and this book is aimed at that audience.  I try to store food, but I'm not at the point yet where I feel confident using it everyday.  I'd hate to waste what I have, but I also want to use some so that I can  begin rotating my supply.  I want to know what goes in my food, what ingredients make or break a recipe, and if, heaven forbid, a disaster does occur, that I can cook food my family will actually eat.  Part of what drew me to this book was that it gives recipes using dried products you don't normally buy from the grocery store.  This book had those recipes!  It has so much of what I've wanted in a basics cook book: how to make fruit leather, suggested amounts to store more than just the basics, planting and gardening tips, jerky, the list goes on.  While I realize this may not be a cook book for the everyday chef, it's perfect for my needs and for someone interested in cooking with food storage. 

My Rating: 5 Stars

Sum it up:  This cookbook has just about everything you'd want to know about to storing and preserving your own food.

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