Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Newest Reviewer : Natalie Perry

Reading For Sanity is so excited to welcome Natalie Perry to our reviewing family! She is an amazing cook (I'm not even exaggerating to be nice) with her own food blog, Perrys' Plate, and we are delighted she has consented to be our specialty reviewer for cookbooks and all things food related (though the rest of us might still choose to dabble).

I emailed Perrys' Plate about a year ago to ask for help with a recipe  and was shocked when the blogger responded and asked "Is this Mindy Irving?"  Um, well, I used to be.  That's creepy.  It wasn't until I visited her "About Me" page that I realized that Natalie Phillips Perry and I knew each other -- from high school.  Small world.

Fast forward to now.  We both have little girls named Sophie.  She makes the best taco seasoning in the world and we are so lucky to have her here at Reading For Sanity!  

Welcome Natalie!


A note from Natalie:

Hey there!  I'm a 30-year-old mom with two little girls and a whole lot more pink in my home than I'd prefer. If I'm not reading a cookbook or an issue of Bon Appetit you can find me either sucked into the latest YA fiction black hole (ahem, Hunger Games) or reading (mostly) non-fiction books to my husband in the car and before bedtime. He prefers me to an audiobook, and we're currently trudging slowly through Atlas, Shrugged. We're aiming to finish around 2014.

I spend most of my free (?) time working on my own sanity project, Perrys' Plate, a recipe blog that dictates what my family eats for dinner and how long they have to wait for said dinner while I photograph it. They're good sports. I'm excited be part of Reading for Sanity and to share my love of cooking with even more people. Thanks for having me!


(Oh, and if you'd like to win Guy Fieri's new cookbook
Today is the last day to enter!)

Look for Natalie's favorite book list, coming soon!  I imagine there will be quite a few cookbooks!

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Natalie @ Perry's Plate said...

Thanks Mindy! I'm excited to join you guys!


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