Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Natalie: What's in My Stack?

What's in my stack?
Click the images to read more about these books.


Sweet Em said...

I made it through the first bit of Organized Simplicity (before I had to return it to the library...actually I returned it late, ironic) and it was great! I loved creating our family mission statement.

Natalie said...

Emily - Do you read the Simple Mom blog? I've been following it for a while which is why I've been antsy to read the book. I love her articles and organization/de-cluttering techniques!

Jodi said...

Ooh- I've been looking for a new book to read. The organized simplicity looks great. I should get that-soon! Nesting is setting in fast and I want a clean house to bring a baby home to. Also, I love Julia Child. That book looks great too. Looks like I need to take a trip to the library. Thanks for the suggestions.

Wendy Moreno said...

I have read Three Cups of Tea and My Life in France. I really liked them both, but after reading My Life in France I came to the conclusion that Julia Child and I couldn't be friends. She is a little bit of a snob.


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