Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beatrice Munson

Summary: In Vista Heights, the women of the neighborhood have started to look like their homes, varying shades of beige.

Lost in this world of suburbia, Marissa Lyons learns her high school nemesis has bought the house right across the street from her. Afraid that her arch enemy, Beatrice Munson, will arrive with Marissa’s high school crush as her husband and cause Marissa to relive the insecurity of high school in her forties she decides to face the music and heads to Beatrice’s house with warm cupcakes. But what Marissa finds is something she never expected.

How will Marissa and the rest of the women of San Martino deal with someone like Beatrice Munson, whose defining moment in her life was to get a boob job or go on a trip to Egypt.

This story is about friendship, love, learning to look at things differently, and great parties.

Step into the world of Vista Heights where you might recognize the women, or you might be one of them.

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My Review: Marissa Lyons feels a looming sense of dread when she discovers that her new neighbor is Beatrice Munson, the perfect beauty Marissa envied during high school. As a divorced single mom of two with no job prospects, Marissa's life is not exactly what she hoped to protray when she reunites with a high school peer. When curiousity overcomes self-doubt, Marissa heads over to welcome her new neighbor only to discover Beatrice is anything but intimidating. In fact, Beatrice Munson's move turns out to be a blessing in disguise for all the neighborhood women.

Beatrice Munson is a tale of friendship, learning to trust and reclaiming self-esteem. It is a story about women becoming empowered as they find the courage to follow their dreams.  Though the characters may be a bit sterotypical, many SAHMs will identify with the struggle to balance the needs of the children and household with personal fullfillmant. 

With a Desperate Housewives flare, the woman within these pages tend to find themselves in some absurd situations and the solutions come a bit too conveniently. Yet the read never ceases to entertain. I found myself giggling over the gals blunders and heartstrings were tugged during their perils. While this isn't exactly a novel to gush over, it is a fun, uplifting read perfect for the lazy days of summer.

My Rating: 3 Stars

Sensitive readers: This one is pretty safe, mild language here and there and a love scene that is not overly detailed.

To Sum it up: A light, entertaining soap opera of a story full of amusing characters.

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