Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pigeon Book Series - Mo Willems

This post contains reviews for Mo Willems' Pigeon Books:  Don't Let Pigeon Drive the Bus!, Don't Let Pigeon Stay Up Late!, Pigeon Wants a Puppy!, and Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!

Summary:  Finally, a book you can say "no" to! [Hey, can I drive the bus?  Please? C'mon!]  Will you let him drive? (Image from and summary from the back of the book.)

My Review:  Have you discovered Mo Willems yet?  If not, I'm pleased to introduce to you the fun that are the pigeon books.  While I don't own all of them, I do own the following four and have read them more times than their paperback structures can sustain.  One of my favorite aspects to the Pigeon books is the voice.  You can hear the personality loud and clear and he's so easy to relate to.  In fact, the voice of the pigeon reminds me very strongly of an eighth grade student I had this year.  I've attached an extra image below of the Drive the Bus book so you can see what I'm talking about.  If you have children, I know you'll enjoy the  humor and if your children are like mine, they'll love the pigeon and his impatience.

My Rating: 5 stars.

Sum it up:  You really shouldn't let him drive the bus, because he's only a pigeon -- beware his manipulations!


Summary: It's getting dark, but the pigeon won't go to bed!  Will you let him stay up late? (Image from and summary from back of the book.)

My Review: Do you have a night owl in your family?  Is it one of your children?  If so, this book is definitely for your family.  My daughter is one of those night-loving people who would rather stay up until 11pm than shut her pretty eyes and let sleep take her to that wonderful place that all parents crave.  This has to be my favorite Pigeon book.  I love the pigeon's reactions when caught yawning.  My daughter has said the exact same words when tired and in denial.  Because really, what's another 5 minutes in the grand scheme of things?

My Rating:  5 stars.

Sum it up:  He may be very convincing, but this pigeon really needs to go to bed.

Summary: The Pigeon really, really REALLY wants a puppy.   Do you think it's a good idea? (Image from and summary from back of the book.)

My Review:  This was my first pigeon purchase and while it's not my favorite of the pigeon books, it's the book that got me hooked.  How many of us have had something we craved as a child, wanted so badly, and when we finally got it after what felt like years (and which was probably only months) that present just wasn't what we thought it would be?  I can still remember that item for me.  It was a Play Dough Hairdresser pack.  It sure looked enticing on the commercials, but in real life, it lacked luster.  My girls are like this too.  They both love dogs, puppies, kitties, animals in general.  Up until it's up close and personal and then it's a run for mom or high tail it home event.  And honestly, don't we all really want a walrus?

My Rating:  5 stars

Sum it up:  Have you ever really, REALLY wanted something?  And then found out it wasn't what you thought it was?  This pigeon has!

Summary:  Pigeon's back!

When Pigeon finds a delicious hot dog, he can hardly wait to shove the entire thing into his beak.  But then...a very sly and hungry duckling enters the scene and wants a bite.  Who will be the more clever bird?  (Summary from back of the book and image from

My Review:  Overall, I just don't find this book as engaging.  The Pigeon finds the hot dog, is about to consume, but is interrupted.  A guest star, Duckling, wants to know what a hot dog tastes like.  In the end, (yes, I am ruining it for you) the Duckling suggests they share it.  And thankfully as a positive influence for my children, the Pigeon has a positive response.  He's still his impatient self, but I couldn't quite relate as easily to his reactions as I could with the other books.  It's a fun book and my girls still loved it, so I can't lower the rating by much.  But, it wasn't quite 5 stars for me.

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Sum it up:  The pigeon finds a hotdog and also learns how to share.

And for a personal touch, here we are in pajamas before bedtime reading
 Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!


Getting Your Read On said...

We LOVE these books at our house. They are the best!

Ally said...

We also love these at our house. All I read is Pigeon and pinklicious.

pamalot said...

I just discovered the pigeon books this year and did a unit with my class. It was wonderful. Our local library had a few of the videos and it was great to see the pigeon in action!

Unknown said...

The Pigeon Books are great for an adult to read aloud to children. The adult must be VERY into the character. I heard someone read this book with such enthusiasm and commitment, that I just fell in love with it.


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