Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Pout-Pout Fish - Deborah Diesen

Summary:  The Pout-Pout Fish tells the tale of Mr. Fish, who spends his days with his fish-face stuck in a permanent pout. Though his pals try to cheer him up, they have little success. But as the story swims along, an unexpected friend arrives on the scene and helps Mr. Fish to discover that glum isn't really his destiny.  (Summary and Image from www.deborahdiesen.com)

My Review:  I loved The Pout-Pout Fish –  a book about a pouty little fish who thinks because his mouth is pouty that he’s made to sulk his life away.  He mopes around, spreading his dreary-wearies all over the ocean until he meets a fish whose surprise kiss gives him a different perspective.   

The Pout-Pout Fish is the perfect read aloud children’s book.  It’s a rhythmic, rhyming, and adorable read, with creative, colorful illustrations and surprise humor that will fascinate children and entertain adults.  It’s a book I don’t mind reading again and again and my children certainly take advantage.

My Kids’ Thoughts:  Sophie said, “It’s my very favorite book in the whole entire world!!! BLUB BLUUUUB BLUUUUUUB!!!!” 

Kaisa said, “When the fish gets kissed by the other fish it is weird.   He’s probably a pout-pout fish because he doesn’t have a girlfriend. My favorite part was when he thought he had a pout-pout face but it was actually a kiss-kiss face.  I liked it, but it’s a kid book --  not for my age.”  (She's eight.)

My Rating: 5 Stars (for a children's book)

Sum it up:  Adorable, creative, colorful and fun to read.

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