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Two Moons of Sera (Vol. 1) - Pavarti K. Tyler

Summary:  In a world where water and earth teem with life, Serafay is an anomaly.  The result of genetic experiments on her mother's waterborne line, Serafay will have to face the very people responsible to discover who she really is.  But is she the only one?  (Summary from book - Image from  - Book given free for an honest review)

My Review:  Two Moons of Sera is a fantasy/romance novel that is being released in serial format.  I was given the first volume for review.

The first volume of Two Moons of Sera is only 76 pages.  It can be read (and was) in the bath, as long as you don't mind getting a tad bit pruney.  It was easy to read and I enjoyed the basic plot.  Serafay is a young girl caught between two very different worlds, drawn to the both of them but labeled an outcast.  She lives on with her mother in a deserted cove, until one day she meets an Erdlander that changes everything. 

My problem with Two Moons of Sera was not its plot, which I can see being tweaked into a movie or television series.  No, my problem is with the writing.  It just felt off.  I know that's not a very technical term, but it's all I've got.  The author's style occasionally felt stilted and undeveloped and lacked the smooth flow that you don't notice in books until it's not there.  Also, while I understand the need for Tor and Sera's awkward dialogue, the word "Huh" became really annoying. 

Still, this book ended far too soon.  It truly is just the beginning of a series and when it ended I wanted to know so much more about the characters and what was going to happen to them.   If I had been given the complete story, I probably would have kept reading.

You can visit the author's blog where she is having a month-long (Nov '11) giveaway, purchase Two Moons of Sera from Amazon, or download the ebook on Smashwords.

My Rating: 3 Stars

For the sensitive reader:  Not a whole lot to worry about.  Some naked swimming, but nothing detailed.  It is billed as "all the fun of YA, written for adults" which makes me wonder if things don't get more heated later in the series.

Sum it up:  An interesting beginning that could use a little polish.

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