Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baby Oh Baby Oh Baby

What feels like hurling,  
has pants that don't fit.
and thinks everything smells funny?

...wait for it...
Kari, Natalie, and ME.

No, I'm not kidding.
Kari's expecting #3 on May 14th,
I'm expecting #4 on June 11th 
and Natalie's expecting #3 on June 14th. 

We did NOT plan this. 

I mean, we might have planned our pregnancies, but we definitely didn't plan them together.  It was pretty amusing to find out that we'd all been working very hard to act super-efficient and healthy, while secretly hiding the urge to throw up on our keyboards. 
In case you're wondering, we all have girls. 
No boys.  Not one.
It wouldn't hurt to send nice boy vibes our way. 
You know, for the good of mankind.
We can't have the human race dying out and all.

The three of us are expecting. 
Heather is working on her Masters,
and Emily is restoring a house that its a kabajillion years old
(and undoubtedly haunted).
If we slip in our posting or end up reviewing only fluffy chick lit,
 I hope you'll cut us some slack. 
We're obviously completely crazy.


Sally T. said...

I love y'all. :-) I get my booklist in large part from RFS, and it's actually great news for me if your pregnancies influence your reading - I just found out I'm expecting too. I'll send the boy vibes your way - and congrats to all of you!

Ann Summerville said...

Congratulations. I hope they all become great friends. My daughter is expecting twins in April and my granddaughter is 9 months old so we're going to have quite a houseful.

Gerbera Daisy Diaries said...

Wow!! what great news!! If you need in guest posts in your maternal states -- I'd be happy to send you some! Of course, that would require me to read, which I've done very little of lately! :)


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