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Fallout - Ellen Hopkins

Read Kari's review of Crank and Glass.
Summary:  So You Want to Know
All about her. How
really is.  (Was?) Why
she swerved off
the high road.  Hard
to nowhere.
indifferent to
Hunter Seth Haskins,
her first \born
son.  I've been
that down for
nineteen years.
Why did she go
her mindless way,
leaving me spinning
in a whirlwind of
her dust?
Hunter.  Autumn.  Summer.
Different homes.  Different guardians.  Different last names.
Diffferent lives.
But there is one person who binds them together.

Nineteen years after Kristina Snow met the monster--crank--her children are reeling from the consequences of her decisions.  Instead of one big, happy family, they are a desperate tangle of scattered lives united by anger, doubt, and fear.

A predisposition to addiction and a sense of emptiness where a mother's love should be leads all three down the road of their mother's notorious legacy.  Sex, drugs, alcohol, abuse--there is more of Kristina in her children than they would ever like to believe.  But when the thread that ties them together brings them face-to-face, they'll discover something powerful in each other and in themselves--the trust, the hope, the courage to begin to break the cycle.

Fallout is bestselling author Ellen Hopkins riveting conclusion to her trilogy begun by Crank and Glass.  It is a revelation and a testament to the harsh reality that addiction is never just one person's problem.  (Summary from jacket cover and image from )

My Review:  I almost didn't finish this book.  The first 150 pages were far too depressing and graphic for me.  I barely made it through Glass, but watching Kristina's children fall into the same traps she was bound to was just too depressing.  A friend who'd finished the series last year changed my mind.  She said I just needed to give this one more time because it was the most hopeful and positive of all the books.  While I still found it incredibly vulgar and depressing, because of the choices Kristina's children made, they did leave the book with less screw-ups and less perversion.  At least, they knew they were making poor choices and were angry with themselves for doing so. 

I was particularly bothered by the sex scenes and the characters' willingness to obsess and crave it with little or no restraint.  I don't like the message that sends adolescents.  I'm more hesitant to recommend this book to students than the first, because Crank was at least meth-induced insanity and not a purposeful choice to enter a world with little or no morals.

My Rating: 3 Stars

For the sensitive reader:  Read at your own risk:  Lots of sex, drugs, alcohol done/used by minors interspersed with crude swearing.

Sum it up:  A message about the consequences of drug addiction on not only the addict, but everyone associated with them. 


Dalene @ A Date with a Book said...

I continually had through about reading this series, but thought it may be too graphic for me. Reading this review I think has convinced me I'm okay to pass. I still can't believe it's considered YA.

MindySue said...

Welcome to the "new" YA, Dalene. I'm pretty disappointed by it. Fortunately, RFS will always try to keep you informed with our "sensitive reader" sections, so you'll know if there's something to be wary of. Thanks to Kari's reviews, I don't plan on reading this series either. I think if I wanted the condensed version I'd read "Go Ask Alice" -- equally as disturbing, but of shorter duration.

Bernadette said...

Thanks for the review and your honesty, I think I'll pass on this book too. I'm already on 'happy' pills, I really don't need to double the dosage.
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