Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Hunger Games Giveaway Snafu!!!

UH-OH!?  Where'd the giveaway go?!

You might have noticed that the super duper awesome 
'The Hunger Games' Gear Giveaway
sponsored by CafePress has been taken down.

(especially those of you who have already entered!). 
I have temporarily removed the giveaway and
pushed back its start date until we get the go ahead from Lionsgate.   
All those who have already entered
will STILL be entered in this giveaway when it re-posts. 

Apparently, Lionsgate would like CafePress to wait until after the movie premieres before sponsoring giveaways.  Neither I, nor my contact at CafePress, were aware of this little detail.  Oops.  Now, I'm not one to willingly piss off major film companies, so I hope you'll understand my decisions to pull it as fast as humanly possible. 

Unfortunately, Lionsgate nixed the giveaway. 
The silver lining? 
There is still a great selection of Hunger Games gear available. 


Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous) said...

HaHa that's funny. I don't see the big deal but oh well. LoL

Jessica L Buike (AuthorJess and Operation Relax) said...

seems kinda silly to me, since the books have been out for a while... ;) lol. I'll keep an eye out for when the giveaway is back up!! I posted a link to this on my blog today:


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