Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Teaching Books I Swear By

Over my eight years of teaching I've been exposed to some WONDERFUL resources, both in my Ed program and then at the school I now teach.  Some of these are aimed more for Elementary or Middle or High school, but all of them can be adapted by an astute learner (teacher) to whatever grade level needed.  I've gained much by these books; I hope that any teachers out there seeking answers to difficult questions will also find them helpful.  Teaching can be a thankless profession, one where parents, administrators, and even other teachers are callous to the daily stress and constant balancing act that effective teachers implement.  If there is one thing I believe about teaching, it is that we need to support and share all the strategies, skills, and resources that can make the job easier and ensures that students can and will learn.

Specifically Language Arts Focused:
Books Focused on Entire School Effective Strategies:

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