Saturday, July 7, 2012

Trash to Treasure

Variations on a Theme

And that theme is garage sales, thrifting, antiquing, repurposing, etc.

Killer Stuff and Tons of Money - Maureen Stanton

I picked up this book because I had just heard about and was planning to attend Brimfield, an enormous antique show in Central Massachusetts.  This book is serious, as in, will seriously  make you realize how serious real antique dealers are and how seriously ridiculous your own attempts at "antiquing" are.  Not that it will stop you from hoping to find a hidden gem that will make millions.  This book is one that both makes you realize how little you know, and also gives you enough knowledge to be dangerous. 

I Brake for Yard Sales: And Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Auctions, and the Occaisional Dumpster - Lara Spencer

Just before my fabled trip to Brimfield with a car full of amazing women I realized I was only a few chapters into the above book (its very interesting but pretty dense) and so I picked up this quick read from the non-fiction browsing table at my library.  It was fun and easy to look through.  This one taught me that you can find great stuff at estate sales and others...of course it helps if you have thousands of dollars to burn through.  Some day I will and it will be AWESOME, just like a lot of the room designs and rehabs in this book.  I also really liked that it condoned dumpster diving, one of my regular activities (its really common in New England, okay...don't look at me like that!)

The Repurposed Library - Lisa Occhipinti

I review this book with the utmost trepidation.  Mindy may banish me for life for even suggesting "repurposing" books (ie, mutilation).  However it fits with the theme as well as celebrates the beauty of old books and their printed pages (and is very specific about not using first editions! for said repurposing).  Of the 33 craft projects included only a handful are my taste, but I'd bet a different handful would be your taste.  The projects range from purely decorative (origami mobiles or fan-like wall hangings) to customizable gifts (journals) to useful objects (sewing boxes, lamp stands, shelves).  I find books like this (and "I Brake for Yard Sales") to be great for getting the ideas flowing with the result being a slightly modified version of what is shown.  If you follow Reading for Sanity on Pinterest (and if you don't you should) then you'll see some re purposed book ideas there...with Mindy's permission).

To get you started, here are a few ideas from the internet -

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