Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where to Find eBook Deals

I, like many of you, adore the feeling of a book in my hands. There is something enticing about flipping the pages, drawing yourself deeper into the story. I also find the cover art most intriguing. However, I have owned a Kindle for the last 18 months and must admit that there is something to be said for having dozens of reading options all on one device that weighs less than a pound. This is especially useful while traveling or taxiing children to and from summer activities. I am a bargain hunter through and through. Therefore today's post will highlight some of the sites I have found useful when searching for inexpensive or, better yet, free ebooks.

Project Gutenberg - A strictly volunteer project with a goal to digitize all books within the public domain. This is a great resource for any eReader owner.

Ereader News Today - This is a wonderful site for Kindle owners. With multiple posts daily you are sure to find some sort of deal on this site.

Pixel of Ink - This site if great for Kindle owners. Each day they sort through the newly offered free Kindle books and highlight the best of them. Many great bargain deals can be found here as well.

Books on the Knob - Features free and bargain books for all different types of eReaders, along with coupon codes in the side bar.

Kindle Review - Large daily list of free ebooks available for Kindle, yet lacks the cover art and detailed summaries provided by other sites.

Daily Cheap Reads - Daily posts featuring free or cheap Kindle books. This site also provides some book reviews on these bargain books. - This site is not the easiest to navigate but does provide links to free ebooks for all different types of eReaders. Mainly features books found within the public domain.

Free - Tons of free books for all eReaders can be found on this site. Free membership registration allows for 5 monthly downloads.

eBooks - Thousands of free ebooks available for download in ePub or PDF format.

Now if I could only find the time to read all these great deals!

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Jessica L Buike (AuthorJess and Operation Relax) said...

Now if I just had time to read all the books I download lol!! I think the harder part is finding books for the Nook - Kindle seems to be winning the e-reader war at this point.

I shared a link to this post today on my blog, if you get a chance stop by and say hi! :)


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