Friday, October 26, 2012

Spooktacular Titles - A Guide to the Best Halloween Reads

There's something about reading in the fall.  The crisp air, the lead-up to Halloween, fresh apple cider ... I think it may be my favorite time of year, and there's nothing better than indulging in some spooky classics to prepare yourself for Halloween.  There best part about reading these just might be the icy fingers of imagination running up your spine as you lose yourself in the words.  Here are some of my favorite perennial Halloween reads (in no particular order).

A delightfully spooky read for the whole family.  I'm thinking it's time to introduce my son to this classic!
What can I say about Rebecca?  The mystery, the love, Manderley itself, what a wonderful October read!
Harry Potter is the perfect October read for families.  Spooky, fun, and magical!
If a book can scare me in the middle of summer in my backyard, it's a GIVEN for Spook Season!
For a work that Shelley meant to be a short story, this has stood the test of time, and can certainly scare anyone!
The battle between ourselves ... is there anything scarier than the shadows of ourselves we don't want to face?
 Shivers.  This will certainly give you shivers.
Has anyone else been watching the new BBC "Sherlock"?  
Oh, my goodness, the BBC does adaptions right!
From the first line, "Once upon a midnight dreary ..." I feel transported to a foggy, cold, rainy fall evening.  It just gets better from there!
Again, what can be more terrifying than facing ourselves?
Any Christie novel is good in October, but this one takes the cake!
Collins is wordy.  But if you can power through, this book will certainly get you in an Halloween-y mood.
I don't know what it was about the late 1800s, but they wrote some wonderfully scary novels!
In a complete departure from the lovely "Anne of Green Gables" series, Montgomery explores love stories that break the barrier of death.  Not "Sixth Sense" scary, but lightly spooky!
Okay, this one isn't so scary as it is simply thrilling, but it's definitely worth a read!
I don't like Wuthering Heights at all.  I don't.  
But if I had to read it, it'd only be in October!

I'm always looking for good spooky reads to add to my list.  What are some of your favorites?


Elizabeth said...

You definitely chose some major spooky books. REBECCA is my favorite.

THANKS for the list.

Silver's Reviews

Bookshelf Butterfly said...

This is a great selection! Something by Richard Laymon will definately give you shivers!


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