Friday, December 7, 2012

Oceanswept - Lara Hays

Summary:  The sway of playful palm trees and never-ending sunshine seem like a fantasy compared to the smog and filth of 18th century London. Thrilled for a new life in the exotic West Indies, privileged seventeen-year-old Tessa Monroe eagerly embracesher father’s reassignment to the fledgling Caribbean colony of St. Kitts where she can stake her claim as an up-and-coming socialite.

But that dream unravels when a hurricane downs their ship on the passage from England, leaving Tessa as the sole survivor. Rescued by a passing ship, Tessa’s grief soon turns to terror as sherealizes she isn’t a passenger—she’s a captive.

With a future of slavery in the offing, Tessa joins forces with Nicholas Holladay, a charismatic sailor ready to break free from a life of piracy. Mutiny is in the air. Tessa and Nicholas will either win their freedom or earn a spot at the gallows.


Mini-Review:  I’m not a fan of e-books, as a general rule, but when I heard about this novel, I jumped at the chance to read it because…well…pirates are my weakness.  Especially if those pirates are anything like Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom.  But I digress…

Oceanswept is a charming tale of romance, ransom, and swashbuckling adventure on the high seas.  Nicholas was far more gentlemanly than I imagined he would be, but he grew on me and I appreciated his single-minded devotion to Tessa.  Her tendency to over think their relationship was aggravating but expected, and I liked that she had a fair amount of fight in her and didn't let her captors push her around.  Fans of the clean romance genre will probably devour this novel in just a few sittings.   I didn’t read it as fast as I would have liked, but I think that had more to do with the rowdy little scalawags ransacking my house than anything else.  It is definitely a great way to escape for an afternoon or two -- you just might have to lock your kids in the brig.  

My Rating: 3.75 Stars

For the sensitive reader: Some pirate violence, namely one mild attempted rape.

Sum it up:  If you liked Edenbrooke you'll like Oceanswept -- a fun story and great deal for (e) readers!

Interested?  Go here to read an excerpt.  Or here to buy the book at 50% off COUPON CODE ZJ92X ends 12/23).  Or here for full price ($2.99).

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