Monday, January 7, 2013

Elephant and Piggie - Mo Willems

Do you know these two characters?  (Pun intended.)  

If not, you're missing out!  Teachers often do author studies.  Mo Willems would be one I would do if I had an elementary classroom.  He has written many books (Check out my review of his Pigeon books here) and so far I've enjoyed all of them.  Because I want to highlight a few and not go overboard, these are three of my favorite Elephant and Piggie books.   

Can I Play Too? is a classic.  Sometimes playing with friends can be tricky.  Especially when it comes to playing with someone who may have a disability or just can't play at the same level as you.  What I love about Can I Play Too? is how accepting both Elephant and Piggie are.  They see the logistics problem, but they don't want to exclude.  While there is a bit of the ridiculous to this story, it makes a great point: even if you can't do something the way you'd hoped or planned, figure out a way to make it work while including everyone.

Here are some images from the book illustrating their predicament (don't worry: I won't ruin how they resolve it in this post):  (Image from  and  and  and and  and  and


Have you ever wanted to interact with the author?  What about with the reader of your story?  Mo Willems accomplishes it in this cute book.  I love his humor.  And from my experience, children love his humor.  I've attached a page for you to see firsthand what I mean by kid humor.  We Are in a Book! deals with the idea of something coming to an end, not being ready for something to end, and learning how to cope with it.  Willems has a way of dealing with difficult issues and making it not only understandable for children, but enjoyable for adults.  

Lastly, do you have a friend who tells outrageous stories?  Ones that grow wilder and more outlandish with each telling?  Or, even better, a friend who tells stories that you just can't miss?  If so, and you enjoy it, Elephant is your man.  What I love most about I Broke My Trunk is that you can't predict the actual cause.  This one is just too fun not to share.

These are not all the Elephant and Piggie books.  There are lots, therefore you get to know your favorite characters even better with each book.  As an avid reader I love building relationships with characters, and passing this on to my daughters is a must on my to-do list.

What is your favorite Elephant and Piggie book?

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Anonymous said...

Oh I'm a MASSIVE fan of the 'Elephant & Piggie' books, as are all my pupils! My favourite one though, has got to be 'There's a Bird on Your Head'. I've read that to children aged from Nursery through to Year 3, and they all love it!


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