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The Time Hunters - Carl Ashmore

Summary:  Becky Mellor is a typical thirteen-year-old girl.  She likes Facebook, gossiping and plenty of sleep.  When she and her brother, Joe, are invited to stay with their 'loony' Uncle Percy at his stately home, Bowen Hall, she thinks it'll be the worst summer ever.

Her mind soon changes when she sees Uncle Percy and his mysterious groundsman, Will Shakelock, peroforming tooth extraction on a Sabre-tooth tiger...

So begins the thrilling time traveling adventure that leads Becky, Joe, Uncle Percy and Will to Victorian England, Ancient Greece and Jurassic London in search for the legendary Golden Fleece.

The clock is ticking...  (Summary from back of the book.  Image from  Book given free for review.)

My Review:  What a fun read!  When I get a book free for review, sometimes I'm afraid what I'm receiving.  When offered this one I couldn't pass it up: time travel, young adult fiction, and fantasy.  Add to that it's a series, and I had to give it a try.

The beginning of the book was a bit slow and choppy in spots, but by midway I was turning pages as quickly as I could.  I found it hard to get a feel for Becky's personality and really gauge her age in the beginning, which could have been what slowed my connection to the protagonist.  With time, though, she emerged and I started to get a better feel for her personality.  I may have missed it, but Joe's age also threw me.  Maybe it's because I'm around children all the time, but it was hard to put your finger on just how old Joe was because of how much history he already knew.  Most children I know don't know as much as these two did--although this might be explained as the story unfolds, but I don't want to give anything away.

One aspect of the book that distracted me was the stuttering.  Whenever a character was surprised, he or she stuttered.  It was predictable.  Another aspect to mention was the Brittish sayings.  There were a couple that I had to keep reading to figure out if it was a good or bad.  Other times I just had to decide it was unimportant.

Aside from that, the twists and turns of the plot, the time travel explorations, and the villains were highly enjoyable.  There were many pieces left unexplained.  There was so much more that could have been explored, it left me wanting more to the story.  I can't say I predicted the ending. Ashmore left it with enough closure, but with an open ending to easily continue the story.  I do hope I get to pick up the next in the series.

If you liked Fablehaven and are looking for another clean read series with a similar feel, pick this one up.  It's like Fablehaven but Time-Traveler style and in England. 

My Rating: 4 Stars

For the sensitive reader:  Only one word I remember thinking wasn't quite appropriate for children, but it was biblical--I'd say it's up to the reader as to how offensive that is.

Sum it up:  Take time traveling and mix it with a Fablehaven and you've got The Time Hunters.

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Manly Reviews - Entertainment Reviews for Men said...

Sounds like a solid read. You know, books like this are always attractive at any age - the time traveling adventures.

It makes me think of the Wrinkle In Time series of books - I read the books as a kid and to this day I think about them and thumb through them.

There are some adventures you're never too old to love.


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