Monday, March 4, 2013

I Should Have Seen it Coming When the Rabbit Died - Teresa Bloomingdale

Summary:  Hilarious trials and heartwarming joys of big family life by a mother who can still laugh about toddlers sharing ice cream with the dog, first graders who curl their hair with bubble gum, sixteen year olds with goggles for eyes and headphones for ears, the summer the chauffeur (guess who) went on strike and the teenagers had to take walking lessons, and all those priceless moments no mom will ever forget- no matter how hard she tries!

My Review:  You know how there are some books that are as beloved and as treasured as an old friend?  Books that somehow have mood-changing magic contained within the first few pages? 

This is my book buddy.

My mom made me read it during my teenage years during a fit of teenage-induced moodiness, and although I didn’t have kids yet (and wouldn’t for years), I was in tears within the first few pages, and this book has had a treasured place on my bookshelf ever since (yes, I stole it from my mom when the time came for me to leave the nest).

Teresa Bloomingdale is the Catholic mother of ten who writes about the adventures, and sometimes misadventures, of raising her brood.  At her heyday, she was hailed as the local Erma Bombeck, although she prefers to think of Mrs. Bombeck as the national Teresa Bloomingdale.  She writes about breaking in doctors, the dangers of naming children with similar-sounding names (a passage I clearly forgot when naming my own brood!), and the joys as well as the tragedies that strike families.   Although the book is certainly meant to brighten your day, there are moments of wisdom and faith that are so inspiring, I find myself reaching for this book on days where I feel like a maternal dunce, and can recite certain chapters from memory!

My Rating:  Five stars, easily.

Sum it Up:  A collection of short essays detailing the ups, the downs, and the sideways turns motherhood offers.

For the Sensitive Reader:  Squeaky, squeaky clean!  The raciest part is a love letter to Captain Kangaroo.  And really, which mom wouldn’t write a love letter to their child’s favorite TV show?


Unknown said...

This sounds really sweet and I can guess why you enjoyed it so much. I would like to read it one day.

Jelena said...

All of her books were excellent. I was saddened when she died at such a young age.


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