Friday, March 22, 2013

The Read-Aloud Handbook - Jim Trelease

Summary:  Every child can become an avid reader, and in The Read-Aloud Handbook Jim Trelease shows how to make it happen.  In his beloved, classic guide, Trelease shares his inspiring message, backed by delightful anecdotes as well as the latest research, and
  • Explains how reading aloud awakens children's imaginations and improves their language skills
  • Shows how to begin reading aloud and which books to choose
  • Discusses the latest research on reading to infants and using chapter books with preschoolers
  • Suggests ways to create reader-friendly home, classroom, and library environments
  • Gives tips on luring children away from the television
  • Shows how to integrate silent reading with read-aloud sessions
  • Includes a brand-new chapter sharing valuable lessons from the phenomena of Oprah's Book Club, the Harry Pottery books, and the Internet
  • Offers an up-to-date Treasury of more than 1,500 children's books that are great for reading aloud--from picture books to novels
This new edition of Trelease's Handbook invites a new generation of parents, teachers, grandparents, and siblings to discover the rewards--and the importance--of reading aloud to children.  (Image from and summary from back of the book.)

My Review: The first time I read The Read-Aloud Handbook I was in my education program in college.  It was one of the fastest assigned reads I had.  Knowing that I was going into the profession of teaching, specifically English, it is no surprise that this book spoke to my heart.  What made it even better was the research to back up everything I'd known, believed, experienced, and loved about reading and being read to.  If you had a parent who read to you, you know what I'm talking about.  At the end of the book he cites all his research so if you're curious and want to know where he found all his facts, it's listed there for you.

Some of my favorite fun facts of the book include what to share with At-Risk Families, Success Stories of those whose lives were changed because of the importance of reading, and the statistics of how the number of reading materials in the home correlate to student success.

Besides the validating research behind reading aloud to your children (or students), the second half of the book is a treasury of great read-aloud books.  They're catagorized by book type (wordless books, predictable books, reference books, picture books, short novels, full-length novels, poetry, anthologies, fairy and folk tales, and author-illustrator index).  Once you get into the longer length books, it lists the number of pages, the recommended age group, and a brief, one paragraph summary of the book.

I would recommend this book to ANYONE.  Every parent should (yes, I used that guilt-ridden word) read this.  Every teacher, regardless of subject area should read this.  I don't think there should be a clause allowing people to avoid reading this book.  It really makes that much sense, is that easy of a read, and reinforces such value that I cannot  comprehend the good that would be done if more people understood this information.  (Ok, descending from my platform now.)

For the sensitive reader:  Nothing offensive here.  100% Clean.

Rating: 5 Stars

Sum it up:  A fantastic resource, whether you're a parent or teacher--a must read!

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CarrieM said...

Okay, I feel guilted! Get me a copy!


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