Friday, April 5, 2013

Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse - Rebecca Janni

Summary:  In Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse, Nellie Sue does everything with a western flair. Whether it is cleaning up the animal sty (picking up her stuffed animals) or rounding up cattle (getting the neighborhood kids together for her birthday party), she does it like a true cowgirl. All she really needs is a horse. So when Dad announces at her birthday party, “I got a horse right here for you,” Nellie Sue is excited. But when her horse turns out to be her first bicycle, it will take an imagination as big as Texas to help save the day. (Summary and image taken from

My Review: Nellie Sue needs a horse.  How can you be a good cowgirl without a horse?!  My daughter has been making the same arguments for ages, so when we stumbled upon this book at the library, I had to snap it up for her.

Nellie Sue is absolutely darling.  She thinks and talks just like any respectable eight-year-old cowgirl would, and uses her good heart and imagination to make everyone around her get into the Western spirit.  My daughter (fully in the cowgirl phase, and with an impending move to the Land of Cowboys and Cowgirls) not only identified with Nellie Sue, but took a page out of Nellie Sue's book by naming her bike, and her scooter, and the three pretend horses in our backyard.   I love that this book inspired hours of cowgirl play in my little girl, and made her beg to go ride her "horse" in sub-zero temperatures.  

My Rating:  Five stars, pardner!

For the Sensitive Reader:  Nellie Sue is polite, helpful, and bright -- a perfect addition to any cowkid's bookshelf!

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This one is full of imagination! I bought this for my girl, but I enjoyed too.


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