Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mindy!


We want to wish our lovely blog creator a happy, happy birthday, and wish her all the new books and uninterrupted reading time she could hope for.  

However, I've gotten to know Mindy pretty well, and I know there's one thing she'd want more.  Remember our friend Christian?  I can't think of a better present for Mindy this year than to help his family out.  Please consider helping with his medical costs here.


MindySue said...

Thank you Elizabeth, and you're right! Any love you might want to send my way...please send to Christian in the form of a donation. He definitely needs it more than I do!

Thanks again! My husband took the week off so he could give me sleeping in and breakfast in bed FOR A WEEK. I am so thoroughly taking advantage of that!

Kari said...

Happy Birthday Mindy!


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