Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Every Cowgirl Loves a Rodeo - Rebecca Janni

Summary:  Nellie Sue is back and she's taking her cowgirl flair to the county fair. There are games to play, animals to pet, and rides to go on. But of course, Nellie Sue is really looking forward to the Bike Rodeo. She hopes that practicing will make her and her two-wheeled horse good enough to win against the reigning champion and her friend, A. J. Pickett. When a nearby goat gets loose and threatens to ruin A.J.'s ride, Nellie Sue knows that it's her job as an honest cowgirl to step in--even if it means coming in second place.

My Review:  How could we not revisit Nellie Sue and her faithful "steed" Beauty?  This story was even more loved than our first Nellie Sue adventure, and I loved the lesson my little cowgirl learned from our current favorite cowgirl.  Nellie Sue is determined to win the Blue Ribbon at the Bike Rodeo, but ends up winning the respect and admiration of her friends - and a prize no one saw coming!

I know that a book is a keeper when my kids fight my returning it to the library.  When we have to check it out multiple times, AND still have tears at parting?  It's one I need to hunt down for good.

My Rating:  Five stars.  Easily.

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