Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beatrice Doesn't Want To - Laura Numeroff

Summary:  Beatrice doesn’t like books, and she doesn’t like tagging along with her brother to the library. She doesn’t want to get books from the shelf. She doesn’t want to let Henry work. And she certainly doesn’t want to sit in a room full of kids during story hour. Is there anything that could possibly change her mind?  (Summary from and image from

My Review:  This is a great book for siblings, and particularly if you have a little one who is stubborn about trying new things.  Beatrice is your typical pestering little sister.  She has to follow Henry around because he's in charge of watching her.  And anything new is NOT Beatrice's idea of fun.  She digs in her heels if it's not her idea--and frankly, not much is her idea.  Finally Beatrice is lured into the wonderful world of literature by a crafty older brother and an artful reading by a local librarian.

I love how Numeroff portrays the stubbornness that is typical of young children.  Change is hard.  Anything new can be frightening.  Why not prevent all scary situations by simply saying no?  But, Beatrice also shows how children can be coaxed into the trying new things, particularly the wonderful world of the library and good books!  I highly recommend this to families with young children.

Rating: 4 Stars

Sum it up:  A great short piece to talk about stubborn tendencies.

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