Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Remember

This day still sits heavy in my heart. 

I remember the planes. 
The towers.
The Pentagon.
That quiet, broken field.

The precious lives lost.  

 I remember the heroes 
Who ran towards and up
When others ran out
Out and away.

The terror and debris and
Grey, tear streaked faces.

The flag. 
That moment when 
We really became
One Nation.

And hands joined together, 
Lifting, reaching, 
Giving, praying.

Hope rising from devastation. 

We must never forget
What we can be. 

I will never forget
That day.


Don't let today be just another day.  Make a difference.  Find someone in need and help them.  Find someone you love and tell them

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Sunday Smith said...

I remember a man who was set to retire that day from the police force. He was actually picking up his paperwork when the call came. I only know him from the L.P. but here is a bit about him:

Thank you for this post. It truly applies to John.


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