Friday, September 6, 2013

Reluctantly Related: Secrets To Getting Along With Your Mother-in-Law Or Daughter-in-Law - Deanna Brann, Ph.D.

Summary:  With humor, compassion and focus, in-law expert Dr. Deanna Brann shows you step by step how to bring positive, lasting change to your mother-in-law or daughter-in-law (MIL or DIL) relationship.  Her groundbreaking research and powerful techniques have helped women nationwide to live happier, healthier and more peaceful lives with the women in their extended-by-marriage families.

  • Understand why your in-law relationship is so hard
  • Learn powerful tools and techniques to bring peace and lasting change to your in-law relationship
  • Change your relationship without having to confront your in-law
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My Review:  I went into reading this with curiosity, not knowing if I had a problem with my MIL/DIL relationship.  I guess that should have been a sign that I don't, but I wanted it confirmed.  To start, I really liked knowing this was written by someone who has been working in the field of psychotherapy for years.  I liked knowing that it was a struggle for her in practice and was something she wasn't just knowledgeable about in theory, but also in practice.  As a teacher, I get easily irritated by those who claim to know so much about classroom management, but have never stepped inside a classroom.  The same holds true for this book, and because of Brann's honesty in her DIL relationship, I felt her advice was more reliable.

Brann created profiles for the different MIL, DIL, and sons.  I loved these. Giving them names really helped me keep it clear in my mind which qualities went with each type.  What was interesting and fun to watch unfold was how I see these personality traits in people I know.  Maybe I'm blind to my own situation (Debra, you'll have to let me know if I'm off base!), but it seemed easier to see these roles in other people.

My favorite part of the book were the last sections.  These addressed each type of mother-in-law or daughter-in-law and how to create a better relationship with step-by-step tactics.  I found that just reading the advice was helpful when dealing with these types of personalities, and not just in a MIL/DIL relationship.  There are always those mothering types, the ones who give more-then-necessary advice and can be too pushy for anyone's good, and it's nice to get some kind ways of dealing with it.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who's struggling with their MIL or DIL.  Those relationships can make or break a holiday gathering, and we all want to have lasting, positive memories with our families. 

For the sensitive reader:  Thoroughly clean

Rating:  4.5 Stars--there were just a few spots I found my mind wandering, thus the .5 instead of 5

Sum it up:  A self-help book for MIL's and DIL's to improve and create lasting relationships.

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Unknown said...

Oh thanks for this review! Sounds like something I could definitely use! My sister-in-law has always hated me...I think because she thinks I took her brother away from her?? I don't know, LOL. I kinda have always felt something similar from my mother-in-law but she's been nice too. I guess everyone has issues with in one is ever good enough for their little boy or girl, LOL.

Thanks again for the review!


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