Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Push - D.P. Davidson

Summary:  Kale Carson was barely fourteen when her mother married a self important man. He came from nowhere, the man she and her brother called the General, and took them away from everything they'd ever known. When their mother retreated within herself, the General filled their heads with fearful plans for the future.

Then Kale found a friend, someone she could confide in, and she felt she had a chance at a normal existence. Off on an adventure, it should have been the time of her life--but betrayal and heartbreak waited around the corner.

Trying to pick up the pieces, she forges on alone but the General's plans include her and he's decided it's time to reclaim her. (Summary and image taken from

My Review:  I couldn’t put this book down!  It’s a good thing my kids were well into the lazy days of summer and didn’t really want parental intervention, because once I started, I couldn’t have intervened if necessary.  Davidson’s main character Kale was relatable, intelligent, and true to the world Davidson had created around her.  My heart ached for the losses she had to endure, the betrayals and uncertainty she dealt with, but I was simultaneously elated at each little victory.  She’s a girl who doesn’t want to fight, but will if necessary.

I can always tell if a book is worth recommending if days after I’ve finished I’m still wondering how the characters are doing now, or wondering about the backstories of the characters.   I certainly found myself thinking about Kale and Adam, wondering about the General – truly a creepy bad guy if there ever was one, and curious as to the world that they found themselves trying to create.   Davidson did an excellent job answering enough to leave no confusion, but leaving enough open to allow for “reader participation” in the novel.  It made for a very fun, quick read.

My Rating: Four stars

For the Sensitive Reader:  There are a few fight scenes. 

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