Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Journey to Galumphagos - Seth Eisner

Summary: Life can be tough for a loner like Emily. She’s had enough of being the perfect target for bullies. She persuades her brother and sister to run away with her to Galumphagos Island, a paradise on earth. But they find out that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the street, or even the other side of the ocean. They need all their courage and cleverness — and a little luck, too — to get out of the mess they landed in. Seth Eisner blends fantastic creatures, exotic travel, non-stop action, and humor in his story about three young children who learn that real courage isn’t just about adventures. It’s usually about ordinary things, like asking that other lonely girl if you can share her lunch table. Journey to Galumphagos is sure to entertain both adults and children.

Summary and cover art from Book received free in exchange for an honest review.

My Review: Honestly I was not greatly impressed with Journey to Galumphagos. I found the characters to be flat, the story line to be lacking in emotion and the greener grass adage to be overplayed. But to be fair there are very few children's books that are able to crossover and appeal greatly to adults. Realizing I am not the target audience for this title I decided to read it to my two children, ages 11 and 8. To my surprise they were delighted with this story and thus the review below is not mine but that of my children.

Amelie, age 8, liked that the story was full of adventure. She stated that the author's writing provided plenty of detail to bring the tale to life, helping her form a picture of both the characters and the setting. She also thought the simple pencil sketch illustrations added to the story. She found the tale to be funny but also mentioned that there were some serious moments mixed in. Her favorite part was the surprise ending of the story, which involves peanut butter sandwiches. She said she could relate to the elder sister because this character loves to read just like her. When asked to rate the book she replied "somewhere between a 4 and a 5".

Caleb, age 11, enjoyed the fantasy element within the story. He felt that the author was very creative as he came up with his own original characters instead of relying on "the magic of wizards or witches". Caleb found the story to be interesting throughout and full of surprises. He appreciated that there was a boy character along with the sisters. His only complaint was that the story was too short and did not fully conclude. He would very much like to read a sequel to this book. He gave the title a solid 4 stars.

Rating:  4 stars -- I would have said maybe a 2.5 but the kids seem to agree that this one deserves at least 4 stars so 4 it is.

To Sum it up: A tale full of adventure and fantasy sure to delight children. Hand this one straight over to the kids as they are sure to find it much more enjoyable than you will as an adult.


Teddy Rose said...

Thanks to Amelie, Calab, and yourself for taking part in the tour. I'm so glad Amelie and Calab enjoyed Journey to Galumphagos so much!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much to you for making the extra effort to get your children's responses, and thanks especially to Amelie and Calab. I'm glad they liked my book. Happy holidays.


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