Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Push Back - D.P. Davidson

Summary:  It's been eight years since Kale disappeared under her stepfather's nose, and in that time she and her husband Adam have made a home and started a family, though not in the way they had expected.

The promise of the little girl with green eyes is still a dream, but they face an even greater challenge when Kale's stepfather decides to proceed with his deadly intentions. 

Afraid to face him directly Kale and her family attempt to derail his scheme from the shadows, but when her future is threatened she finally understands what it means to lose everything and decides to push back. (Summary and image taken from

My Review:  Adam and Kale haven't forgotten about the threat of The General, but in the eight years since their last massive encounter, they haven't been idle, either.  Their family isn't the one they have dreamed of, but it is the family that they need, and it's the perfect family to stop The General and his horrifying plans, once and for all.

From the very start, it's obvious that this book has ramped it up a notch.  The stakes are higher, the final battle is coming, and Davidson has infused that urgency throughout the book.  There are more characters this time around, and they are a fun bunch to get to know.  The relationship that Adam and Kale have with one another, and with their family is very real and so tender that it was a pleasure to read.

Davidson has done a great job taking the world she created in Push and wrapping it up.  The timeline in this novel ebbs and flows, at times rushing so quickly I had difficulty keeping up, but while it may not be my preference, it suits the storyline.   As with Push, it left me wanting more, but satisfied with how the story ends.

My Rating:  Three and a half stars

For the Sensitive Reader:  The battle scenes are much more intense, but Davidson's goal of not writing anything her kids couldn't read stands.   

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